Transport of Equipment

Fonnes Boat Service offer sea transport 24/7 all year around. We have two taxi boats available, and transport personnel as well as all types of equipment.

For years, we have been transporting personnel to ships, oil rigs and platforms, as well as assisting with crew exchanges. We can also transport equipment to ships, boats, oil rigs and platforms.
If you need equipment, clothing, steel, electrical or other equipment for ships, oil rigs or boats contact us, we have 24-hour service!

Cargo That Can Not be Transported by Car?

Do you have goods that are too wide to be transported by truck? How about sea freight? We ship goods and equipment to wherever you wish. We also offer transport of pilot boat personnel, service personnel and crew exchanges as well as tugging.

We Cover the Area Between Stavanger and Ålesund

The boats are based on Fonnes approximately 60 km North of Bergen, near Mongstad. We will nevertheless drive to wherever you wish and do all types of missions at sea.

Here you can read more about our boats.

24-Hour Service Throughout the Year

Our boats are always available for missions, all year around. You can call on short notice, book a long time in advance or make a fixed appointment according to your needs. You can always contact us at 916 06 157 or 957 84 411 , and we will transport you, or whatever equipment you wish, along the coast and at sea.

We also offer tailor made boat tours, sightseeing or deep sea fishing for companies, for big events or for friends. The fjords around Bergen are some of the world's most popular attractions, and are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.