Towing and Tugging

We offer towing and tugging of vessels upon arrival and departure from the dock.

We offer 24-hour service, and assist boats struggling to dock in. We have long experience with towing, tugging, transportation as well as assisting boats.

When accidents or other emergencies occur, we immediately come out to help.

Our taxi boats are based in Fonnes, outside of Bergen, but we will drive to wherever you are.

We Have Available Boats for Tugging and Towing 24/7

We have two taxi boats available that can be used for transportation, shipping, towing and tugging. They have good capacity, and we take on all types of assignments at sea and along the coast.

In an acute situation, we have short turnaround time, and help out with whatever it may be.

You can always contact us at 916 06 157 or 957 84 411, and we will go out and help boats and ships.

Read more about our boats here.

Contact us if you have any questions about our boat services.