Transport Between Boats

Crew Transport Between Boats

Since 1998, Fonnes Boat Service have been driving personnel and rig crew in and around the Fensfjord. We now have two boats, carrying all types of transport, shipping and also offer towing and tugging.

We operate primarily with disembarkation personnel, service personnel and crew exchanges by boat at sea and along the coast.

24-Hour Boat Transport

We have two passenger passenger taxi boats that are available for 24-hour assignments, all year round. Fonnes Boat Service is working extensively with shipments of personnel and equipment for the oil and shipping industry, such as oil rigs or platforms, and ships at sea.

Capacity of the Taxi Boats

We have two taxi boats available, accommodating up to 18 passengers. From 18 people in trade areas 1-4 and 12 people in trade area A1. (Over 100 nm West of Stavanger to Stadt).

Read more about our boats here.

We Also Offer

  • Towing
  • Tugging
  • Company tours, sightseeing and deep sea fishing

If you need transportation at sea, we are the company for you. Fonnes Boat Service offers all types of maritime transport along the coast. Upon request we take on assignments anywhere. We are at Fonnes, 60 km North of Bergen. You can always contact us if you need transportation at sea or along the coast. You can also pre-order or arrange for regular assignments. Contact us 24/7 on phone 916 06 157 or 957 84 411

if you wish to transport at sea. You can also submit a request here.