Company tours, sightseeing and deep sea fishing

Would you like to bring your company, family, friends or customers for an experience to remember? We offer all kinds of experiences at sea with our boats.

The fjords around Bergen are some of the world's most popular attractions, and we offer tailor made boat trips in stunning surroundings.

The Norwegian fjords are listed on UNESCO's world heritage site, and tourists from all parts of the world come to discover them.

Customized Company Tours

We offer all kinds of boat trips around the Norwegian fjords. We put together a schedule of experiences, food and drinks according to your wishes.

A trip in the fjord, or to any of the islands, are also a great activities for birthdays, family reunions, weddings and other pleasant occasions.

What about organising a hen's- or buck's party at a boat? We will put together an arrangement according to your wishes, and will make day to remember!

Deep sea fishing for customer meetings, your company, family or friends

Invite your customers to an experience out of the ordinary! Deep sea fishing is an exciting experience, and we customize tours including meals and drinks if desired. We offer simple fishing equipment for the trip.

Boat trips in the Norwegian Fjords

The boats are based in Fonnes, outside Bergen. By boat, we have a short distance to the majority of attractions in the area. The Norwegian fjords are world-famous, so why not experience them yourself? We know the coastline and fjords well, and have a number of great suggestions on what to do during your stay.

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